Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, my name is Star...ok, it's not my real name, but that's what you can call me.  I'm here to share recipes and food talk with any and all like-minded individuals.  So whether you're a veg*n, foodie, domestic goddess, fellow fur ninja, or whether you're just sick of not having any kickass drunk munchies for those Saturday nights swilling whiskey in your apartment....come in, try my food, bullshit with me; I guarantee a good time, or at least a full stomach and happy taste buds!

I've been vegetarian since 1996 and vegan since 2005, and started creating my own recipes a couple of years ago and decided I wanted to start sharing them, because while I have some cookbooks that I think are truly amazing (as evidenced by the many, many food stains on their well-loved pages), I'm really displeased with the quality of most recipes on the internet, especially when it comes to vegan food.  I'll be posting lots of original recipes on here and would love feedback!  If a recipe is so good it put you into a week-long food coma - tell me!  If it was so vile even your dog wouldn't eat it - let me know!  I'm especially interested in feedback from non-veggies and people who don't have tons of experience cooking, so even if you don't know what deglazing is or how to season a cast-iron pan, please don't be afraid to try stuff out, ask questions, and post comments :)  I cook only with whole, non-pre-packaged foods (no trying to pass off Boca crumbles as a legit ingredient or any nonsense like that) and I try to include easy-to-find ingredients and substitutions whenever possible...hey, I live in the middle of nowhere, so if I can find it, chances are you can too.

I'll also be reviewing vegan cookbooks, various vegan/natural products, musing and/or ranting about life, and probably talking an inordinate amount about my kitties.  I love my kitties.  This is them, by the way:


and Skye:

I aspire to someday reach the pinnacle of spoiled laziness that both of them have attained.

So, hopefully even if you don't care about my thoughts or veganism or fur-ninja-ness, the cute kitties will get you to stay on a while.  Welcome :)

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