Friday, July 8, 2011

Pictures of my cute kitties for absolutely no reason whatsoever....

Title of post is self-explanatory:

Lucy with her "grub" toy - she takes care of it like it's her baby.

Skye napping with her "Ratta" toy that daddy Andy got her from Ikea (thanks, daddy!)

Two of a kind....

My friend Joe says her whiskers make her look like Jamie from Mythbusters.


That's all the gratuitous cuteness for now...maybe.  A girl at work just rescued a stray that had kittens and she's giving the little ones away.  Hmmm...this could spell trouble for the Fur Ninja household.  There's nothing I'm more of a sucker for than a furry kitten.

New recipe in the next couple of days - tried out my grill pan tonight with some tequila-marinated grilled tofu and it was truly bangin' if I do say so myself.  I'm just too tired, and (let's be honest) tipsy on some leftover tequila to get into a long recipe post right now.

Much love and happy furry kitty-ness to everyone!

<3 The Fur Ninja


  1. Oh they look so soft and cuddly! I wanna hug and squish em both :)

  2. Lucy and Skye say "mrrrrow?" which translated means: "thanks for the compliment!"