Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day - Get out and vote!

Happy Election Day, ninjas!  If you're anything like me, you're sick of seeing both these guys all over your tv/billboards/bumper stickers/etc.....but it's almost over!  Get out and vote today, and let's finally move forward instead of hearing people argue about this crap every second of the day.  Now, I have my own opinions about what this country needs (and frankly, none of my opinions really jive with either of the two major party candidates), but in my mind it doesn't matter if you're Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, or you're voting for a write-in candidate (Fur Ninja for Pres?  Hmmmm....), as long as you go out and vote for someone, you've got this ninja's respect.

And as you head to the polls, remember: no matter which side of the political fence you're on, most of us are all basically looking for the same things - happy and peaceful lives and better futures for our families.  We all just have different ways of thinking when it comes to how to achieve that....even within the same party.  So have respect, have compassion, and engage in respectful political discourse.  And if you can't be respectful, just ditch the politics and share a good meal with someone.  Fur Ninja believes that food heals many ills and the simple pleasure of a good meal shared with others is something we can all agree on! 

Wishing you all a peaceful Election Day.  Much love from Lucy, Skye, Shoes, Mike, and the Fur Ninja.

Oh wait....who is this "Shoes" person, you ask?  Well she is the newest addition to the kitty family.  She was a stray we found literally half starved to death in the alley behind our house so we started feeding her and she happily "adopted" us and lived in our backyard.  Mike's youngest, Damien, loves her and says she is "his" cat.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy threw a wrench in that arrangement, as I couldn't in good conscience leave a helpless cat outside in a hurricane.  In she came, and she is making herself right at home.  She is also going to be HUGE - she's almost as big as Lucy and shows no signs of stopping.  I'm pretty sure she's only 6-9 months old.  Uh oh....  Lucy and Skye are pretty displeased, although Lucy is adjusting better than Skye is - Skye always has been rather high strung.  Shoes has claimed "her" sleeping spot (one of the two beds in the boys' room) and is just as annoying with the constant mewing at dinner time as Lucy is, perhaps even more so.  Big fat girl who likes to sleep?  Yeah, I think she'll fit right in...

Here's some pics of her!

Back when Shoes still lived outside.  Cuddling with Mike.

She's a LOT bigger now.  But look at those gorgeous whiskers!

Making herself at home while the hurricane goes on outside.

Definitely not cut out to be a mean ol' alley cat.

This is how she sleeps - with her front paws all stretched out.  Another weird cat in our house!
We'll be getting Shoes a collar and ID tag this weekend when the kids come to visit.  Since she is Damien's cat-at-Dad's-house, I wanted to wait so he could go to Petsmart with me and help pick it out.  Working on being able to afford to get her spayed...ack!  But hey, at least she is safe now; we'll figure the rest out in time.  Well, that's all for now.  I'm making Mike a special Election Day meal tonight of penne with carmelized onion, crimini mushrooms, and red bean sausage in a creamy basil sauce.  Recipe up soon as long as it turns out as yummy as it sounds!


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